ROE is a British based contemporary menswear brand that debuted its first ready-to-wear collection labelled ‘Capsule Collection’. The collection focuses on key menswear staple pieces, delivering them with a modern aesthetic with a key focus on the design and quality of manufacture. The Capsule Collection is minimalist in design, with meticulous focus on materials, details and how the garment is constructed. The brand ethos is simple, we strive to manufacturer the highest quality garments using only the highest quality materials. 


Our founder and creative director has a background in design and construction, being a master's graduate in civil and structural engineering. After extensive research and time, they have transferred their skills and passion into the design and manufacturing of luxury menswear. This background is apparent in ROE's debut collection with the visible focus on materials and construction of the garments. Our 'Capsule Collection' manufacturing is all based in Britain, where we share factories with some of the world’s most highly regarded brands and designers, who's garments regularly receive acclaims after being debuted on the world's major catwalks. 


Quality of materials is a key focus throughout the design of every garment and after extensive research into sourcing the highest quality fabrics available, we are proud to use predominantly British fabrics throughout our debut collection. Our 'Capsule Collection' does include some materials from outside of the UK, for instance, we use Swiss manufactured Riri zippers and Italian made Cobrax denim hardware, because they are widely regarded as being the best in the world.


Our founder, Matt, had the following to say on the launch of his first collection, "Quality is always the prime focus when designing every detail of our clothing, and is the main reason behind manufacturing all of our menswear items in Britain. I'm a big advocate of British heritage, so I am proud to manufacture all of our menswear here in Britain using some of the best manufacturers in the world".


ROE was created and developed after disappointment with the quality of some high-end designer purchases, and therefore is focused on delivering a far superior product at a more accessible price point.


View our 'Capsule Collection' here.